Argus II, bionic eye to restore vision of the visually impaired

Argus II bionic eye

We have seen some bionic eye concepts in the past, which are soon going to become a reality with the Second Sight’s “Argus II,” as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now officially approved bionic eye that will help in curing partial blindness. The Argus II comprises two basic elements, an artificial retina with built-in electrodes that can be implanted surgically into the eye and a pair of glasses with a camera that captures footage and propels it to the visual processor which further moves the feed to the bionic eye and let the visually impaired perceive the surroundings.

Priced about $150,000, the Argus II is slight expensive like most of other breakthrough technologies, but it’ll surely improve the sight of the visually impaired and help them move around without any assistance. The Argus II bionic eye will be available at seven hospitals in five states, together with Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland and California.

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