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Local Advertising with Ringless Voicemail

Five Ways to Use Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail enables you to leave voicemails without making an actual phone call to consumers. It accomplishes that by calling the business landline of the telecom providers instead of calling the actual consumers. It delivers the message through business landline and the service provider then moves the message into the voicemail mailbox of a consumer. At the final step, the consumer gets a notification about a voicemail in his or her mailbox, but, again, this happens without a call coming through first.

Because of this, the laws that regulate telemarketing do not apply to ringless voicemails. With telemarketing, there is an interruption and consumers may have to pay for a call unless they have an unlimited plan. With ringless voicemails, there are no charges and no interruptions. Because messages that the technology delivers look like regular voicemails, the response rate is typically extremely high.

Here are five ways of using ringless voicemail in your business.

1. Confirm meetings and appointments

appointmentOne of the simplest ways to use ringless voicemails is to confirm meetings and appointments. The benefit of using ringless voicemails is that you can completely automate the system and save significantly on the call costs. Instead of having a live person calling your clients, you can simply drop ringless voicemails, which is much less expensive, yet allows you to track the results. The key to an effective campaign, in this case, is very simple: do not use specific dates in your voicemails. Instead, use words like “tomorrow,” and days of the week. Think your messages through and then record them in one sitting. Then, on Tuesdays, you can be sending a message that says “tomorrow, on Wednesday.”

There are seven days in a week, so for every iteration of the calls, you will need seven messages, five if you are closed on weekends. This may sound like a lot, but remember that you only have to make the recordings once. After that, it’s simple scheduling with a few clicks of a mouse.

2. Reactivate lost customers

Every business should have a custom definition of whom it considers to be a “lost” customer. This definition may be different for different customers. For example, for a dinner with regular customers coming every day, a lost customer may be someone who misses a day. For a dry cleaning business, this is typically around 60 days. For a company that sells clothing, 180 days.

When a customer suddenly doesn’t show up, calling them may not be effective because they may be embarrassed to talk to someone from the business they’ve been patronizing for a long time. This is where ringless voicemail can be extremely helpful because it looks and feels like voicemail, but there is no actual phone call, which means no chance to potentially embarrass the customer. When trying to get back lost customers, follow the following steps. First, recognize their absence. Second, make an assumption that you’ve made a mistake or an error and that you are sorry. Third, ask for a response, make an offer and create a deadline for the offer.

3. Get inbound calls from new prospects

shopping onlineTo this day, face to face selling remains one of the most effective ways to sell. When selling face to face, it is possible to read non-verbal signs and get a feeling for the energy of a person. When a person doesn’t make a buying decision, in person he or she is likely to explain it, while when shopping online the person would simply close the window of a browser.

Talking to people on the phone is the next most effective way to sell. Ringless voicemails can be extremely effective in getting inbound calls because you absolutely know that when somebody is listening to a ringless voicemail, they have their phone in their hand. This means that the hurdle to get them to make a call is lower compared to other ways of communication.

4. Direct prospects and customers to a website

One of the benefits of ringless voicemails is that they are very non-threating.

When walking into a physical store and hearing the question “do you need help with anything?” most people answer “no, thank you, I am just looking,” when in reality most people come to a store because they want to buy something. They answer this way because they do not want to be sold. Ringless voicemails feel safe because there they are messages. If you determine that to make a sale you want your prospects to visit your website, you can use ringless voicemail to tell customers to go to the website. This will allow you to create a seamless and non-threatening sales funnel that can deliver any message or messages that you’d like.

5. Make your customers feel welcome and appreciated

Make your customers feel welcome and appreciatedAccording to studies by the United States Small Business Administration, most customers stop patronizing a business because they do not feel appreciated. Using a ringless voicemail is a simple way to say “thank you” to your customers and remind them that you care about them. You can create a series of messages with thank you messages and be scheduling ringless voicemail drops after certain events, such as the first purchase, repeat buys, and so on.

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