Oak Innovation Review: Organizational Development Made Easy

Oak Innovation Review

An organization is nothing without employees that represent its ideals. But, actually it’s the employers, bosses, and the managers who decide the work culture. They have a say not only in deciding who joins the organization, but also in how everyone in the company should work and behave.

Most of the big firms have a professionally developed work culture as they have departments or employees appointed specifically for the development. However, in small and medium scale enterprises, one individual has to wear different hats, and when they don’t have a clear road map before them, the task could be quite overwhelming. By providing a range of cost-effective training courses on organizational development, Oak Innovation promises to make their task easy. But does it really deliver what it promises? Let’s find out. Here’s the one by one analysis of five popular organizational development courses on Oak Development.

Popular Organizational Development Courses on Oak Innovation

1. Benchmarking

BenchmarkingImage Source : oakinnovation.com

Benchmarking is amongst the most basic principles of a company. It consists of deciding the standard and quality that the organization wants to maintain and deliver. While most of the companies want to deliver the best quality that is there, but to keep the firm running, they might have to make little compromises so as to keep the ship afloat. Benchmarking basically outlines the extent to which such compromises could be made.

The Benchmarking course is one of the cheaper courses on Oak Innovation. Even without any discount it would cost you around ₹1,000, and considering all that the course offers, it’s a steal. Along with a detailed facilitator and participant manual, in this course you’d also get ready made PowerPoint presentations that would cover pretty much everything. So, you won’t to waste your time on making presentations about all that you learnt. Apart from covering all the whys and wherefores, the course also provides action plan and practical exercises that would help your employees have a better idea about how the theory looks in action.

2. Auditing Skills

Auditing SkillsImage Source : oakinnovation.com

For most of us, auditing is a necessary evil. It is as boring as it is important. But, what most of us don’t realize is, if all our employees have even a surface knowledge of how everything would reflect in the audit, they’d be much careful. Furthermore, it’s necessary that your trusted managers understand the process thoroughly, so that they can check if those responsible for auditing are doing it right or not.

While distributing an expensive book on audit to your employees might seem like an option, but not only is it time consuming, it might also prove to be futile. However, the course on Auditing Skills by Oak Innovation might prove helpful with this. It covers all fundamentals involved in auditing and comes with a separate facilitator and participant manual, and numerous PowerPoint slides, which simplify teaching and presentation. At a price of ₹2,000, it isn’t a bad deal as you’d definitely save more than that.

3. Change Management

Change ManagementImage Source : oakinnovation.com

In today’s market, change management is a relatively unknown term. Nevertheless, that doesn’t reduce its importance at all. The constantly evolving technology coupled with the changing trends on the internet and social media has made change a very important part of the business. If you and your firm don’t adapt yourselves to it, you are bound to be left behind. So, not only is it important to introduce changes in your organization, it’s also important that you train everyone in such a way that it is easier for them to adapt to the changes. Change development is something that can help you achieve this.

While it might barely seem like a subject to some, but Oak Innovation definitely does it justice. On it you’d find two 70-page manuals, one for the facilitators and the other for the participants. These along with the ready-to-use PowerPoint slides explain the types of changes and give practical examples regarding how you can effectively handle the changes. It explores both the personal and professional attitude towards and explains how both of them are interlinked. Considering the recent turn of events, it’s obvious how important it is for every organization to prepare themselves for changes. For ₹2,000, it could be the perfect course to train your employees at the time of such unprecedented change.

4. Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship ManagementImage Source : oakinnovation.com

Gone are the days of monopoly. Nowadays no matter what your field is, you are very likely to face ruthless competition. It isn’t just your product quality and service, but even factors like customer relationship can have a decisive impact on your business. However, customer relationship isn’t as easy as it might seem. A layman might imagine that having a positive outlook and being ready to serve is enough. But there’s much more to it. You have to make decisions keeping both ends in mind so that you please the customers without incurring any significant loss.

Most of us learn the customer relationship through purely practical experience. Nevertheless, like almost all the other fields, here too both theory and practical go hand in hand. In this customer relationship management course by Oak Innovation, you’d find both. It has two thorough manuals along with a host of activities and practical exercises. No matter whether you want to take a course or give a presentation on customer relationship management, you can completely rely on the material provided.

5. Quality Management

Quality ManagementImage Source : oakinnovation.com

Assuring the delivery of quality product and services is the first and foremost requirement of a successful business. Most of the people can tell you about what good quality is, but what they can’t tell you is how to achieve it. There are certain criteria that every product or service must satisfy before you can say that it possesses quality. Satisfying those criteria should be the main objective of any firm that wants to stay in the business.

Using the material that comes with the quality management course on Oak Innovation, you can deliver a successful presentation or even your own course. With a price of ₹2,000 it’d help you save tremendously on your time, so you can focus on the other important activities. The course comes with participant manual and PowerPoint Slides, which are thorough enough to produce hours of productive lectures. All you need to do is improvise it according to your style.

Other Courses on Organizational Development

LeadershipOn Oak Innovation you’d find many other courses on organizational development like Organizational Culture, Change Leadership, Organizational Structure and Organizational Issues. Apart from that, if you buy a complete package for ₹20,000, you’d also get many courses on Leadership Development and Employee Development. If you have an organization that’s big enough, it’d always be handy to have so many presentations and courses at hand. Moreover, as a special limited time offer you can also use the coupon DrPrem30 to avail a 30% discount on all the products. So, if you have presentations or lectures coming up in the future, hurry up and grab the offer. It’s worth your money.

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