Games for physically disabled adults

Video games for disabled

Just like any other normal humans, people with disability also have their urges to play, to have fun and to spend quality time by doing extracurricular activity. One might think that it is impossible for them. However, it is just a misconception. There are different games for physically disabled adults, which they can include in their day to life and enjoy playing it.

There are so many special games for physically challenged people, which include both indoor and outdoor.

Disability games ideas.

People with disabilities, especially the adults, get very limited opportunities to enjoy video games. A visually impaired person would be able to see what’s on the screen. Some of them may not use the gaming controller with mobility challenges. But, that doesn’t mean they can’t play games. There are numbers of games for physically disabled adults too.

  • Table tennis


Table tennis is first of many special games for physically challenged people. Table tennis is widely popular among the physically disabled. There are official Paralympics sports also. The tables are specially designed for special need people and person who are using wheelchair as well. They can enjoy playing it wherever they want.

  • Board games

Board games provide great opportunities of improving your skills if you suffer from any type of disability as they require extra thoughts and skills to play them. They are very useful in making the mind sharp. 

  • Dart games for physically disabled

Dart game

People with physical disabilities including the ones confined to wheelchair can easily enjoy dart games. They help in maintaining focus and presence of mind and also in understanding things in a better way.

  • Word games puzzles and cards.

There are wide ranges of mind and puzzle games are available for the physically disabled person. Playing cards can be a pastime that improves presence of mind and provides ample enjoyment. It can be played in a group or with your partner. There is large sized of cards, puzzle games designed especially for the physically disabled are widely available in the market.

·        Video games for disabled

Video games for disabledThese games are a way to improve and explore without going out. Some of the video games help the disabled to be a part in the same field with the other players. While playing video game controller, they can use the buttons by using their cheek on the control stick and pressing buttons with tongue. There are many types of specially designed controllers that give the advantage of playing with the face.

How video games helpful in development of disabled adults

There are numbers of disability games ideas for the people going through it.  Including these gaming option ideas in day to day activity of the disabled might help in improving their mental as well as physical abilities. Games are found to be useful in dealing with disability. There are some benefits which are observed with the mental disabled person. Some of them are

  • They enhance the mood
  • They help in relieving stress
  • They help in building concentration power
  • They divert the attention from the problems arising from the disability.

Video games are helpful in dealing with disability.

It has proven that video games can help the disabled in effectively dealing with life. They distract them from their day to day tension and help them in knowing the other aspects of life. These also give the disabled a rare chance to connect with a person with same and rare disorder, and in supporting one another.

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