5 Weirdest Ways to Invest Profitably

After growing into an adult, and starting to earn more than necessary to keep your body clothed and nourished, investing becomes a prime concern. Wall Street offers several traditional, unconventional and complex tools of investments, but common folks often find them risky or tricky. Luckily, there are more fun ways of investing your precious, hard earned money. However, these ways of investing may sound highly weird to most. This article lists such out of the box weird ways of investing.

Collecting Comic Books

Yes, you read that right, collecting the right comic books can be a way of making a profitable investment. The old Superman comics which used to cost no more than 10 cents per issue have turned into collectible items. As a result, one can be sold for thousands of dollars. ‘The Action Comics No. 1’ from which Superman gained recognition is now a collectible, available for $350,000. Likewise ‘The Amazing Fantasy, No. 15’ which introduced Spiderman and now it is priced at $280,000.

Buying and Selling Contemporary Art

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Art pieces are costlier than gold and diamond in many cases. They receive biddings from collectors all across the world. Investing in art requires one to research thoroughly to find out which pieces can be sold at high profits. At the present date, some contemporary painters are more in demand than the others such as Marcel Duchamp, Vasudeo S. Gaitonde, and Jackson Pollock.


Coins are collected not just as a hobby but for documenting important historical facts and researching. A 1943 bronze Lincoln penny can fetch you around $1.7 million. The coin collectors look for coins with some historical significance or value. Highly priced coins can be either freshly minted or old, but they need to be intact and well preserved. Consult price guides before investing in collectible coins.

Domain Names

Suppose a business is trying to buy a particular domain name but it is not available in the market because you have blocked it. In such a scenario the business will be ready to pay even a steeper price for procuring it from you. Buying domain names in bulk cost few dollars but if you invest mindfully the gains can be considerable. 

Loaning Money

Loaning Money

This one is a more common investing practice and basically, banks do it all the time. You will loan a sum of money after checking the eligibility of the borrower carefully. Set an interest rate slightly higher than the banks. Since getting loans from banks is tough you will get borrowers in plenty. Make sure to possess the right documents for lending money and conduct through of investing background checks.

There are plenty of borderline weird ways for investing money profitably. No matter which unconventional and weird way you choose to multiply your savings, make sure to do proper research before investing.

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