Things you can learn from The Simpsons

You can actually learn some real life tricks and tactics from the show The Simpsons. Indeed, it is, but this does not mean you cannot watch The Simpsons. In fact, you can learn some of the most vital tricks of life through this show. Right from marketing tactics to understanding of human emotions the lessons learnt from The Simpsons can be highly valuable.

Here are a few things that you can actually learn from watching this show:

If you are vegan, you are smart

eating right

Lisa Simpson actively promotes being Vegan and if you are one, you can merry make about this. The Simpsons has actually changed the very definition of being smart. Therefore, the new smart is the new vegan.

Learning to take risks

lady taking risk

The Simpsons as a show largely propagates the idea of not being afraid of taking risks. If you have seen the episode where Bart Simpson tries to jump of cliff on skateboard, you will know exactly what point of this conversation is. So watch The Simpsons and feel inspired to take risks.

Not owning up to everything is wise

The Simpsons (3)

Well there is one lesson that you can learn from Homer Simpsons, is that you need to make a clear specification about what requires your owning up to it and what doesn’t. Remember what Homer says, “Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It’s what separates us from the animals…except the weasel.”

Religion is least of all priorities


The Simpsons make it point they actively promote the concept of being Human first. Remember the episode where a Pakistani family comes to stay in the neighborhood of the Simpsons. The show teaches us about the true joys of life.

Siblings are the real assets

Siblings are the real assets

Just imagine your life without your siblings; it is a task rather impossible. The Simpsons meticulously show us the important of sibling love, rivalry and revelry in our daily lives. They make sure you remember you are not alone in this cruel world, there is someone right there with you to make it even worse and even more beautiful in their very own way.

Vote democrat


There has to be explanation to this one. Even if someone has not watched, the show knows about how profoundly this show portrays about democracy. The gigs the craft on the entire system can actually compel you to laugh out your wits.

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