3 Gadgets that show a weird, but interesting design

Where creativity is concerned, the sky is the limit. There is no end to the kind of products people come up with, with the intention of increasing conveniences in life. This article provides a walk through technology’s weird side and list 3 weird yet intriguing gadgets existent today.

Smart Belt

Smart Belt by Emiota

Meet smart belt, Belty, a product created by a French company Emiota. Believe it or not, this belt claims to be on a mission to help users attain their fitness and weight loss goals. This belt has motors built-in and is able to loosen itself when the user’s waistline expands.

This then, is an indicator to the user that he should cut back on his eating and start working out at the gym. The meter records the waistline progression. It also comes with an built-in accelerometer which adjusts the tightness accordingly, so that the user is always comfortable throughout the day.

Breathing Chair

O2CHAIR has been created by Innovzen

Touted as the only breathing chair in the world, this gadget known as O2CHAIR has been created by Innovzen. This chair is aimed at enhancing the user’s abdominal breathing and increasing breathing awareness. This ensures that the user focuses on breathing slowly and deeply so as to maintain good mental health.

O2CHAIR comes with an accompanying app on smartphones and tablets. Configured with an understanding of the respiratory system, the chair is able to accurately track each inhalation, exhalation and retention. As such, O2CHAIR claims to allow users to be more in control of their breathing techniques.

Appetite Curbing Eyewear

Meta Cookie

A group of Japanese inventors have come up with an eyewear gadget that is aimed at supposedly helping users lose weight. As strange as it sounds, people might find this tempting as they try to shed their extra weight.

Going by the name, ‘Meta Cookie’, this gadget takes the form of a helmet and a scent-o-meter and plays on your mind by fooling you into thinking you are eating something delicious. For instance, if you are holding a sugar-free wholegrain cookie whilst wearing Meta Cookie, you can get the feel that you are eating your favorite chocolate cookie.

Whether these weird, yet, useful gadgets take off and have commercial value is yet to be seen. However, Meta Cookie, O2CHAIR and Belty all claim to have a positive impact in our daily lives.

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