Infants born with extra body parts

Nature can bring exceptions in the normal course of life, the cause of which is unknown. A number of babies are born with abnormalities such as extra body parts. Although, medical science has advanced a lot and correctives surgeries can treat such children. There are still a number of deformities, which have no solution, perhaps in the coming years they too will be treated.

The baby with a twin head

Rebeca Martinez was born with a second head

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Rebeca Martinez was born with a second head a condition named in the medical world as the ‘Craniopagus Parasiticus’. Although, this is a rare occurrence and only about five or six babies in 10 million are born with this condition. The head of the dead twin remains attached to the body of the baby, as per the records only three such babies have survived till date. Rebeca too had a very short life, as she was unable to survive not more than six months. In fact, she was the first ever baby to be operated for getting rid of the twin head, unfortunately it was an unsuccessful attempt.

The Baby with a third leg who survived the challenges

Francesco Lentini

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He was born different but survived the challenges of life and died at the age of 78. After his birth, his parents were unable to accept a child with three legs and two pairs of genitals. This boy was named Francesco Lentini, and was accepted by an aunt at the time of birth and later raised by a foster home. Born in Sicily he reached the United States at the age of eight. He joined circus, became popular amongst the crowd, and was named ‘The Great Lentini’.

People thought the baby was an incarnation of a Hindu God


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In a small village in Bihar, a child was born with extra limbs protruding out of his stomach region. His parents weren’t happy by the people flocking their home to see their child, they actually considered the baby with multiple limbs as an incarnation of a Hindu God. Deepak was born in 2010 with this unusual condition, hailing from a poor family his parents made several pleas to get their child operated. Finally, a hospital from Bangalore, a state capital in South India operated Deepak free of charge. The boy is healthy and leads a normal life.

Baby with a double face

double face

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The first sight of this baby appears to be a deception, the baby born in china looks like he is wearing a mask. The medical term given to this rare condition is transverse facial cleft and the child apparently has two faces. Before the birth of the child, all the vital signs of the baby were normal but after the birth, the tragedy appeared. The treatment of this abnormality is very expensive and the baby’s parents could not afford it. After a lot of effort the family of the baby named Kangkang has accumulated the requisite amount to get the operation done at an army hospital in China.

Baby with 15 fingers and 16 toes

A boy in China was born with an unusual number of fingers and toes. Earlier also there have been instances were a baby was born with more than normal fingers and toes. The prior record of 25 fingers and toes was broken by this Chinese boy, who was born with 15 fingers and 16 toes, a total of 31. The boy was lucky enough to get a normal number of fingers and toes after an operation that lasted several hours.

There is dark shadow, which lingers on the parents of children who are not born normal. Scientific research on subjects like these is a boon for the entire human race and the medical breakthroughs do bring back the smiles on such parents.

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